The Models

We offer you several models in any size. The models we show here, are to give you a good impression on what we can do.
We are able to make and design any prehistoric species in any size, from Desktop statues through Diorama figures into Live size models.

Since 2002 we deliver models of these prehistoric models to Museums in the Netherlands and abroad. All are designed according to the latest scientific insights and made of high quality materials for inside Museum displays or even to withstand outside weather conditions.

Because of this variation, prices are upon request.

All Models custom designed and hand made.Each specimen is a unique piece of art!

For more information:

Woolly Mammoth (3.40 meter high)

Juvenile Tyrannosaurus Dig site (9 meter span)

Juvenile T-Rex dig site

Woolly Rhino (Live size)

Diatryma (Desktop size)

Rhamphorhynchus (Live size)

Utahraptor (Live size)

Raptor (Desktop size)